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Maria Marchant

Maria lives and breathes Croatia, she has written multiple books on Amazon and is considered an expert
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10 Best Hotels on Krk Island, Ranked

Populated by over 17,000 people, Krk is the largest island in all

By Maria Marchant 10 Min Read

10 BEST Things to Do on Krk Island, Ranked

Croatia's largest Island Krk, is a majestic chunk of floating land that

By Maria Marchant 8 Min Read

10 Best Restaurants on Krk Island, Ranked

Located midst of Kvarner Bay, Krk Island is a majestic chunk of

By Maria Marchant 9 Min Read

10 Best Instagram Spots on Krk Island

Not only does Krk Island feature adrenaline-filled activities all year round, it

By Maria Marchant 8 Min Read

8 Best Beaches on Krk Island, Ranked

Krk is the biggest Island in the Adriatic waters, stretching across a

By Maria Marchant 8 Min Read

10 BEST Hotels On Rab Island, Croatia

Packed with adventure, Rab is situated in the Adriatic sea, western Croatia.

By Maria Marchant 15 Min Read