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Maria Marchant

Maria lives and breathes Croatia, she has written multiple books on Amazon and is considered an expert
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Best Nightlife on Pag Island: Ultimate guide

Infamous for its succulent lamb that melts in your mouth along with

By Maria Marchant 11 Min Read

10 Best Restaurants on Pag Island

Pag Island is infamous for its wild nightlife, adrenaline-filled festivals, and an

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12 Best Hotels on Pag Island, Ranked

Pag Island is filled with entrancing deep blue gleaming waters, long stretches

By Maria Marchant 16 Min Read

10 BEST Things to Do on Pag Island

Known as the most extravagant party Island in all of Croatia, Pag

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10 BEST Beaches on Pag Island

Croatia is home to about a thousand different beaches with more than

By Maria Marchant 14 Min Read

20 BEST Things To Do On Rab Island, Croatia 

Rab Island is a majestic fairyland filled with beautiful orange sunsets, rocky

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