10 BEST Beaches on Pag Island

Can't decide which beach to visit first? Don't worry, we've got you covered!

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Croatia is home to about a thousand different beaches with more than a hundred of them having been awarded the blue flag due to their pristine hygienic waters and cleanliness. Several Islands have a plethora of scenic pebble bays and golden sandy beaches, with Pag being one of the most popular tourist hotspots to visit.

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Filled with some of the most spectacular views, cotton candy clouds, coarse coasts, and kilometers of crystal-clear waters, Pag Island should be at the very top of your bucket list. People from across the world come to get a taste of heaven on some of the gorgeous beaches located here.

We decided to help you out with your itinerary by curating a list of some of the best beaches on Pag island, so book your ticket and get packed as soon as possible!


 Čista Beach

 Čista Beach

Located near Novalja, you can reach the beach via a dirt road in a car, or travel using a rented bike. Cista is filled with pebbles and golden sand, long stretches of mesmerizing Adriatic water, and slanting hills lined with patches of greenery.

This beach is perfect for small children due to its shallow waters and several amenities on-site, making it an adventure-filled visit. From pedal boats to swings to sandcastle equipment, Cista has it all. If you get knackered after enjoying the thrilling day, you can grab a meal or a quick snack at the restaurant located there. However, the place does get crowded especially during tourist seasons, so you might need to wait a little longer in line.

The beach also offers paid parking so you don’t need to worry about your vehicle. Remember to bring a tube of sunscreen since there isn’t much shade there, though you can rent an umbrella to protect yourself from those UV rays. The toilets and general vicinity is clean and crisp, making it appealing to those who visit.


Plaža Ručica

Plaža Ručica

In the eastern part of Pag lies the stunning white pebble beach Rucica, with its deep calming blue water that contrasts with the rocks, making the colors stand out even more. Enjoy a warm cup of coffee, or hydrate with an extravagant mocktail at the beach bar located there.

The secluded beach is perfect for a calming evening with the town of Metajna located about a kilometer away from Rucica, where you can grab some snacks and drinks for a cute picnic by the water. As a true romantic, this is one of the most perfect spots to bring your partner and watch the magnificent sunset together. Filled with an array of fishes and crabs, the wildlife here is minimal with an occasional hedgehog in the water.

There are tons of activities to do here, ranging from snorkeling to swimming to several hike trails for you to explore. Since there is no shade here, remember to bring a parasol to protect yourself from getting a nasty sunburn. There are parking areas available and you can reach the place via a boat, car, or hike.


Zrće beach

Zrće beach

Known as the Croatian Ibiza, Zcre is made for the young and wild looking to party the night away. One of the most popular beaches on Pag, known for its raves, DJs, phenomenal music, and festivals, this is the place for young bachelors. Though it is important to note that the drinks here are quite expensive.

If you’re with your family or don’t want to deal with drunk teens, you should find a different location. However, Zcre also has several adrenaline-packed activities like water slides, volleyball, and bungee jumping that you can add to your itinerary. There are apartments and hotels that you can stay at in close proximity.

To reach the location, you can take a bus, travel by foot, or via car. Ubers will generally not take you to the place so you’ll need to get a taxi. There is a gigantic parking lot so you can easily park your vehicles there. This gravel beach is one of the biggest reasons why Pag is known for its party life.


Caska Beach

Caska Beach

A dream for history nuts, Caska is located on the eastern side of Novalja. One of the most culturally rich beaches on Pag, this beach is believed to bury the ancient city of Atlantis. Not only does it have a deep historical significance, the rocky terrain overlooking the stunning sunbathed Velebit mountain, makes it look straight out of a movie.

Caska is an archeological hotspot that is especially attractive to divers and swimmers who can explore the pristine waters here. It is believed that during the Roman era, back in the fourth century, the city was flooded and hence its ruins can still be found today.

The beach also has rentable umbrellas for shade, parking lots for vehicles, and a beach bar for exotic drinks. If you’re traveling with young children it is important that you’re careful since the water depth increases quite dramatically.


Jadra Beach

Jadra Beach

Filled with different-sized rocks and boulders, Jadra is a jaw-dropping location with its clean crystal-clear gleaming waters, unique terrain, and orange-hued sunsets. This secluded beach is made for nature lovers, away from the hustle and bustle of tourists, providing a tranquil environment.

Ideal for an array of thrilling activities, the place is popular for fishing due to the deep water, scuba diving to explore underwater corals and reefs, and cliff diving from a rugged plain. You can also take a main worthy Instagram picture as the place is no less than a dreamland.

Jadra also provides rental parasols, parking spots, and snack bars onsite so you won’t need to bring your own. It is one of the few beaches that are pet-friendly so you can take your furry friends on a stroll across the coast. The process of getting here is a bit arduous so make sure to come prepared.


Babe Beach

Babe Beach

With the shallowest water on the entire Island, Babe is the best beach on Pag island if you’re traveling with small children since it is especially safe for them. The turquoise-blue waves of warm water in the foreground mixed with the stunning plains make it look gorgeous.

Surrounding the entire place is a lot of greenery and shrubs that help provide shade in the scorching summer heat and serve as a windbreaker during the cool winters. Babe also has two restaurants and a bar if you want to devour some of Pag’s mouth-watering food.

The beach has WiFi availability, is pet-friendly, has parking available for vehicles, and has spik and span washrooms on site. A mix of gravel and pebbles make up the terrain so remember to wear appropriate shoes while coming here.


Planjka Beach

Planjka Beach

Located about 1.5 km from Novalja in a cove, Planjka is a warm sandy beach and a popular tourist hotspot. Not only is it visually enchanting, but it is also one of the best-kept beaches on Pag in terms of hygiene and cleanliness, which is also why it has been awarded the blue flag since the year 2004.

Planjka offers several exciting activities for you to partake in which include a bright yellow slippery slide that throws you straight into the gleaming water, a tennis court, a volleyball court, a zooming jet ski, and a peddle boat as well.

The place offers options for food, snacks, and cool drinks to help lower your body temperature. It is also a great spot for families due to the meticulous safety precautions taken by the lifeguards, ensuring that no accidents take place.


Simuni Beach

Simuni Beach

A large space filled with an array of rocks of varying sizes, Siumuni is an amazing dreamlike beach with water so clear that you’ll be able to see everything that’s happening under the water, which also makes it the best place for snorkeling. The beach is also surrounded by pine trees providing natural shade.

Due to the terrain, it is uncomfortable to walk here, especially if you’re barefoot, so take a pair of shoes that don’t get damaged by water to prevent blisters. There is also some delightful and scrumptious food so you don’t need to worry about bringing your own.

The most popular part of Simuni is the camping resort on the beach where you can settle down and experience nature in close proximity. Stunning sites and hidden spots make it perfect for photography lovers to whip out their cameras for the perfect shot.


Bosana Beach

Bosana Beach

A tiny beach located a short distance from the heart of Pag, Bosana beach is not for the faint-hearted. If you’re looking for adventure, excitement, and a thrilling time, then you need to visit this location.

The path to the beach is difficult to navigate and the rocks make it slippery, so you have to be extra careful. Since you’ll have to pass through shrubs and bushes, watch out for wildlife like snakes. Featuring a picture-perfect view of the Velebit mountains, the water here has a lower salinity.

Filled with locals, this beach is a hidden gem that is secluded from mainstream tourists so you can lay back and enjoy nature without too much noise. Remember to bring your own bag of snacks as there aren’t any shops or restaurants here.


Beritnica Beach

Beritnica Beach

Located towards the south of Metajna, this beach offers beautiful water waves, rocky boulders, and an amazing view of the undulating plains. To get to Beritnica, you can take a boat or travel by foot.

The hiking trail, known as Life on Mars, allows you to reach the place after an arduous trek so make sure you’re wearing shoes that have a good grip. This beach is also quiet and tranquil since it doesn’t have shops or commercial amenities, so you’ll be needing your own.

Breathe in the fresh air, explore the terrain, and take lots of pictures for your social media handles at Beritnica. The privacy and ambiance of the place make it perfect for a romantic getaway where you and your partner can enjoy the warm orange sunset, away from prying eyes.

Final Thoughts

Pag Island is packed with some of the most stunning views, flavourful food, and exciting activities, making it a popular vacation spot for people all across the globe. Not only does it offer a break from your 9 to 5, but it also has some of the best beaches in the world.

So, if you’re planning on visiting the little island and can’t decide which beach to visit first, then you need to read through this list of the best beaches on Pag island, and find the one that you’re looking for!

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