5 Best Beaches on Rab Island, Croatia

Looking for a sandy vacation on Rab Island? Here are the top five beaches you must visit!

Maria Marchant
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With an average of almost 2,200 hours of sunlight every year, Rab Island is an attractive vacation hotspot for many tourists across the globe. From its breathtaking mountains glowing with a satiny sheen to its tranquil briny seas, this is an ideal place for those looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

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This little island is a hub of culture, history, and delicious cuisine featuring its heavenly cake mixed with marzipan, liquor, and citrus, the Rab cake, which dates back to the time of Pope Alexander III. But, what’s more astounding is the wide variety of beaches in just 91 square kilometers of real estate!

Fortunately for you, we have narrowed down the list to five of the most spectacular beaches that you absolutely should not miss out on.


The Sahara 

The Sahara beach

This is one of the most beautiful beaches on our list with its glistening sea water and grainy sand that makes it an ideal location to sit back and destress. There are rocky mountains, patches of green shrubs, and cotton candy clouds that create the perfect ambiance.

The Sahara beach is nudist-optional meaning that you’re free to rip off those clothes and let your skin get fully soaked in the dazzling sunlight. The best part about it being a nudist beach is that the people there are non-judgemental, so you don’t need to worry about unsolicited comments and unruly stares. They’re also one of the few coasts that are pet-friendly and you’ll often find adorable doggos trodding across the sandy terrain. 

One of the best beaches on Rab Island, the Sahara has a parking lot located at a twenty minute hike so there is ample space for you to park your car while also being able to enjoy the stunning view. However, it is important to take a big water bottle to keep hydrated along the journey and wear some comfortable joggers to prevent painful foot blisters. You should also bring your own food as there are no places for a quick snack.


Rajska Plaža

Rajska Plaža Beach

Though this is one of the more busier beaches on our list, it has shallow waters and tons of well-trained lifeguards making it a safer option for families with spirited youngsters buzzing with energy. 

What makes it even better is that you won’t find litter sprawled across the beach, so you can rest your eyes, and watch the waves crash onto the shore, as you sip on that pina colada. It has even been awarded the “blue flag” due to its hygienic surroundings, crystal clear waters, and preservation of nature. The best part about it is that it also accommodates people with special needs!

Also known as “Paradise Beach”, Rajska lives up to the title with its saline waters, miniature boat cruise, sprinting jet skis, and warm hearty meals. You’ll also be able to find WiFi at one of the bars located nearby. However, it’s recommended to explore the place early in the morning, not only to enjoy the sunrise in all its glory but to also avoid the jam-packed herds of tourists at the beach. 



Livacina Beach, Rab Island

Offering a more intimate and cozy setting, Livacina is located to the left of Rajska. This is the right place for all sports enthusiasts looking to play volleyball, enjoy parasailing or take part in some local water sports like picigin in which the players must not let the ball touch the water.

Since the beach is surrounded by pine trees, you don’t need to worry about getting a nasty sunburn. You can even rent one of their sunshades or parasols, drag it across to one of the quieter spots, and enjoy the jaw-dropping view in peace. This sandy beach has all the facilities you need, from restaurants to accessible pathways located closely so if you’re not a big fan of walking, you won’t need to move around a lot.

The water is filled with brilliantly colored uncharted coral reefs and patterned sea shells that add to the beauty of the place. There is an exotic array of marine life from catfish, dorado, and shkarpena to flounder, sea bass, and red mullet, the place is filled with all kinds of fishes. 



Kandarola Beach, Rab Island

A short taxi drive away from Rab, located in an urban area, Kandarola is another free-spirited beach tucked away in the Frkanj peninsula. It has patches of rocky terrain lined with pebbles for a scenic trek and thickly dense forest trees surrounding the area that acts as a natural umbrella. 

The mineral spring found at Kandarola beach is believed to have healing properties so people often come here specifically to swim in this water. While the restaurants require people to be dressed, this is another nudist beach among many found on Rab Island, where you’ll find a diverse and free-spirited bunch. If you go up the hill, you’ll find a small cozy natural swimming pool along with one of their bigger restaurants serving scrumptious food.

Climb on top of one of the big boulders there to take an aesthetically pleasing Instagram-worthy picture. However, there is an entrance fee so make sure you bring some extra cash if you’re planning on visiting.



Pudarica Beach, Rab Island


Found in Barbat, Pudarica has a delightful view of the old towns of Rab. Not only can you enjoy witnessing stunning orange-hued sunsets and snorkeling in fine sand and crystal-clear water, but you will also be able to relish exotic bars and enjoy the wild nightlife at Santos. 

With a distinctive wave-like shape, this beach also hosts several summer music festivals so you can sway to the tunes and truly unleash your inner party animal. If you’re a tad bit adventurous and an adrenaline junkie, there are several creeks and small hidden beaches nearby that you can go explore throughout your stay there.  

If you don’t have kids, or just generally don’t enjoy over-crowded places, there are many smaller, more private beaches nearby so you’ll be able to avoid the main area entirely. The parking there is free and you’ll also be able to find sanitary washrooms.

In Conclusion

Rab Island is the perfect getaway spot for anyone out there looking to take a breather from the strain of modern day corporate slavery. It almost feels like it’s too good to be true, a wild endless fever dream filled with rugged mountains, emerald waters, and exotic marine life. 

There are an endless amount of, arguably some of the best beaches, here in Croatia, ready to be explored. Whether you’re with friends, family, or you’re going solo, there’s a beach waiting for you. Some are peaceful and calm, for those who enjoy the quiet and appreciate mother nature, while others are filled with activities for people with an adventurous spirit.

So, if you’re looking for some fun or just want to admire the stunning coast, you absolutely need to check these beaches out.

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