10 BEST Places in Croatia for Couples

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You are probably already familiar with the Croatian motto “Croatia full of life.” This article will introduce another side – Croatia, full of romance. Romantic places in Croatia are countless. Read about the ten best places to stay in Croatia for couples to make your choice easier.

Finding the most romantic sites in Croatia is not difficult because this small country is full of them – you can find magic in the city streets, on a coffee in glamorous Opatija, on a pebble beach, in a vineyard, enjoying the view of Motovun or drinking coffee in a small but charming Makarska that is reputed to be a lovers’ paradise.

Why Should Couples Visit romantic places in Croatia?

Are you tired of crowds in cities, popular restaurants, and cafes? Are you tired of everyday life and routines?

Reasons to visit:

  • Romance of old castles 
  • Romantic adventure in magical cities full of history 
  • Untouched nature and wildlife 
  • The best sunset views 

Head to some of the best places to stay in Croatia for couples, where you and your better half will choose which romantic things to do. Maybe you are an adventurous – romantic type. Perhaps your soul longs for the past, and you decide to take a night walk to some of the beautiful castles of Croatian Zagorje. Or you want to embrace the sunset in a charming coastal town in Croatia. 

10 BEST romantic places in Croatia

A little romance in the air is always a good idea, whether it’s Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, or simply a regular holiday you want to spend with the person you love. Fortunately, there is no shortage of romantic destinations in Croatia, so take out a map of Croatia and explore the corners that have always teased your imagination. 


Rovinj Croatia
Rovinj – old town

The enchanting Rovinj, the city of romance, is one of the most romantic places in Croatia. Due to space constraints, one of the best sites for couples, if not all of Croatia, is built so that the buildings appear to hug each other. The colorful facades, combined with views of blue and stone alleys, merge into a true romantic oasis for those who want at least briefly escape from reality. What makes Rovinj perfect for Croatia holidays for couples? The vital components are a breathtaking view, beautiful promenades for wandering hand in hand, and various parks for kisses concealed from public view, and voilà, you have the perfect recipe for a romantic vacation! All of this can be found in this city, Istria’s appeal, which also features the historical center, the lovely Lim Bay, and the old cobblestone streets for a true love aroma.

Head east if you wish to avoid the city’s bustle and hordes of tourists in favor of a more private setting. Just 20 minutes outside Rovinj, the small medieval town of Motovun is located. It is known as one of the smallest cities in the world and one of the hidden romantic places. It has become a symbol of romance felt at every step in this part of Istria. The town square, the romantic palace, and the romantic bell tower are just some of the features of romantic Motovun.


Pag Croatia
Pag Island

The island of Pag has been one of the most popular destinations for couples resorts in Croatia. Although renowned as a party destination, this island also offers beautiful sunny beaches and many lesser-known locations where you can spend a peaceful vacation with your partner. While you’re there, you should definitely try the famous Pag cheese, lamb, sea salt, and white wine “jaundice.” Love goes through the stomach, so you can indulge in authentic Dalmatian delicacies without remorse and let love bloom. 

Plitvice lakes

Plitvice Lakes National Park. Croatia
Plitvice Lakes National Park. Croatia

This beautiful national park is widely known for its 16 lakes and fairytale forests. The sound of water, birdsong, and nature’s emerald tones create a fairytale-like mood. Plitvice Lakes is where to go if you want to do something exceptional with your loved one, such as kissing under a waterfall or taking a boat trip on the lakes. 

For romantics looking for adventure, on the very edge of the Plitvice Lakes National Park, there is the Plitvice Adrenaline Park, the perfect destination for a completely different kind of romance. Sit down with your partner in a spectacular zipline and embrace the Korana River canyon. The zipline is 300 meters long, and on a steel rope, the brave will fly at 70 km/h.



This quiet Istrian town attracts tourists with wellness resorts and magnificent old villas. Even if you do not have access to this level of luxury, simply walking down the Lungomare promenade is a lovely experience that will not cost you anything. However, what you should be able to afford is one of the many Istrian gastronomic delights. Truffles, wines, olives, Istrian beef, and pasta are just some of the dishes you can try in the fantastic restaurants of Opatija. They say that truffles and wine are powerful aphrodisiacs, so be careful with these irresistible delicacies (or don’t!). 


Zadar Croatia
Aerial view of the Old Town of Zadar, Croatia

The Dalmatian city of Zadar, home of the most beautiful sunset in the world, settled in the middle of this list. The famous director Alfred Hitchcock is the one who gave the town this flattering title, but with full right. The pink shades over the sea of ​​the Zadar archipelago make an enchanting sight, and it is perfect for the beginning of a romantic evening. Add to this experience a visit to the Sea Organ and Greeting to the Sun, unusual art installations that attract many tourists and locals with the play of the sounds of the sea and the Sun’s rays. 


Aerial view of Trogir in summer, Croatia

Trogir, a tiny neighbor of the famous Split, was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List because of the beauty and value that diligent Cypriot hands have left in stone. As you get lost in the magic of Trogir, you will realize that every house, palace, or church has its own characteristics; coat of arms or inscription. This historical center offers the romance of the Greeks, Romans, and Venetians. With its rich history, it is adorned with many charming green parks where you can seek refuge and coo with your loved ones. Don’t forget to try the flavors of the Mediterranean!



This baroque city is one of the oldest in Croatia. During the Austro-Hungarian Empress Maria Theresa, it was the capital of Croatia. 

You will fall in love in Varaždin three more times: 

  • Suppose you are a history junkie and an old romantic soul. In that case, you will fall in love again with green hills, beautiful architecture and a turbulent past, castles, and spas. 
  • You will love traditional cuisine; Varaždin mills, muffins, spicy game dishes, and homemade sourdough cakes. 
  • You will fall in love with your soulmate again because there is love in the air in Trakošćan castle and a beautiful lake only 20 minutes outside the town. 



Rastoke is a combination of beautiful houses and nature that looks like a fairy tale. What adorns them the most are the Slunjčica rivers. A bypass station for all romantics who travel the “old road” to the sea. What couple would not want to refresh themselves in a restaurant above the waterfalls and relax with the sound of water while the view shoots to one of the most beautiful corners in Croatia? 



Dubrovnik has become an increasingly popular destination for lovers throughout Europe and globally. Recently, along with France and Italy, Dubrovnik has been increasingly profiled as a Croatian wedding destination. 

As many world-famous love couples have done, give your love a new dynamic in one of the most gorgeous cities in the Mediterranean. Dubrovnik offers its charm of history, timeless beauty, and unique atmosphere to couples in love. Perpetuate your passion on the spectacular walls of Dubrovnik or sit on the iron throne in one of the Game of Throne tours. 



Makarska has long been the central hiding place for many couples in love. The favorite place of all couples in love is the Sveti Petar peninsula. The peninsula is appealing due to its unspoiled nature, a modest and picturesque lighthouse, narrow trails, and benches where lovers often watch the sunset or greet the summer dawn when the Sun rises over Biokovo mountain. From all this, an exciting custom was born. Couples began to leave locked padlocks on the fence under the statue of St. Peter as proof of their love, and the keys would then be thrown into the sea. This is one of the romantic things to do in Croatia.

Interestingly, the padlock fence is located just below the statue of St. Peter, holding a key. Whether it is a coincidence or not, time will tell, and if you want your love to last forever, it is definitely worth a try. Come to Makarska and lock your love permanently.

Many in-love couples will go to great lengths to have the most beautiful time possible with their sweetheart. Because Croatia offers so many cultural sights and stunning spots both in the interior and on the shore, I am confident that you will not be disappointed if you choose one or more of these ten locations. Take a tour and kiss in each of the ten locations. What’s to stop you?

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