20 BEST Things To Do On Rab Island, Croatia 

If you're trying to figure out your Rab Itinerary, you've come to the right place!

Maria Marchant
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Rab Island is a majestic fairyland filled with beautiful orange sunsets, rocky pebble bays, and mouth-watering cuisine at some of the most amazing seafood restaurants in Croatia. Not only does it offer stunning landscapes and cotton candy clouds, but it is also filled with adrenaline-packed adventures and thrilling activities.

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If you’re wondering what to do on Rab Island look no further because there are several things available, ranging from taste testing local freshly plucked seafood to relaxing under the umbrella at one of the sandy beaches to long exhilarating hikes, and discovering mysterious eerie coves.

We’ve made a list of twenty of the best things to do on Rab Island so without further ado, let’s hop right into it!


Komrcar Park

Komrcar Park

With several acres of land, Komrcar Park is the literal definition of heaven on earth with its cypress and alpine trees providing shade in the scorching sun as well as the dazzling view of water glistening in the sunlight. In case you need a break from your stroll, there are several benches placed across the park for you to catch your breath.

The park is super clean with minimal litter so you can easily pack a scrumptious meal and bring it with you to enjoy a cute little picnic here. However, there are several stairs so you need to be careful when accompanying older people, kids, or even people with special needs.


Town Loggia

Town Loggia

Situated where the central street meets the transversal street, this is an old historic site with roman structured buildings. Sloped cobbled streets and stone buildings are the hallmarks of town loggia. You’ll be able to see a variety of land sites including Cosimo church, Notary house, Hall loggia, Blacksmith house, and several more.

This is an enthralling place for historical architecture fanatics who can observe every nook and corner and appreciate its hidden beauty. Even if you’re not a big history nut, you’ll still be able to take some Instagram-worthy shots. However, there is a parking ticket so make sure you have some cash on you.


The Lopar Beach

Lopar Beach

One of the gorgeous sandy beaches on the island, Lopar beach has amazing crystal clear shallow water, ideal for tons of water sports like parasailing, jet skis, and pedal boats. Several kilometers of water makes it an exciting spot for swimmers to practice their strokes.

It is recommended to visit early in the morning, before the afternoon tourist rush, to fully enjoy the golden glistening sand and mesmerizing sunrise. The place is spick and span, hygienic, and you won’t find litter sprawled everywhere which is also why it has been awarded the blue flag.


Prison Camp, Goli Otok

Camp Goli Otok

With a long brutal history, Goli Otak is an age-old prison camp that you should definitely visit. Yugoslav officials used these camps to take advantage of the power imbalance so the place is marred by its long-standing history.

It is recommended that you choose a tour guide who will thoroughly explain the historical significance of every artifact so that you can get the full experience. Traveling on foot is ideal as you’ll be able to observe the place more closely, however, there is an option to take the tourist train. You can also visit the women’s prison, Grgur, via a boat located there.


Rab-Maman Trail

Rab-Maman Trail

Offering some healthy early morning exercise, the Rab-Maman trail is an adventure you should definitely not miss out on. As you walk along the pathway, you’ll be able to witness some of the most gorgeous emerald-green waters, satiny mountains, and beautiful blue skies filled with fluffy clouds.

Not only is the trail a sight for sore eyes, but you’ll also be able to rip off those clothes and jump into the water for a quick swim. This is a true adventure for those who love geology as the place is filled with tons of geological features and several dense rocks with unique patterns and textures.


Ruins of St.Ivan Evangelista

The ruins of St.Ivan Evangelista

A beautiful grey structure filled with past memories and ancient history, the ruins of St.Ivan are a must-visit when you’re in Rab. The bell tower has four flights of stairs, however, the view from the top is breathtaking with long stretches of blue sky and a view of the other three towers.

Built on the rocky side of Rab, as you walk through the ruins, you’ll be reminded of the glorious building that once soared high. What’s great is that if there are kids accompanying you, they will not be required to pay any entrance fees!


Sahara Beach

Sahara Beach

Filled with a stunning view of rocky undulating peaks, clear blue waters, and patches of shrubs, the Sahara beach is nothing short of heaven. Being one of the few pet-friendly coasts in the town, the beach is nudist-optional, perfect for the free-spirited.

One of the top beaches to visit on Rab, this is the perfect place to sit back, sip on your favorite drink and enjoy the serene life away from the cities. Remember to bring your own snack bags and plenty of liquids to stay hydrated as there aren’t any tuck shops nearby.


Club Santos

Located on the infamous Pudarica beach since 2004, club Santos allows people to let loose after a day of adventure on the island. Hosting several DJ nights, themed parties, fashion shows, and a summer music festival, it often attracts tons of like-minded party lovers.

The main idea behind the club is to connect diverse people from different parts of the world, across cultural boundaries. Their eccentric parties are often hosted outdoors on the pebble bay of Pudarica where you can dance the night away under the starry night sky. Don’t worry, if you get tired, they have a lounge indoors where you can go catch your breath.




Located on the Northern edge, Kamenjak is the highest peak in all of Rab, a little more than 400m high. Not only are you able to see the entire island, including the four towers, but there are several apartments here with stretches of olives and agriculture.

The journey to the peak can be done by either a car or you can enjoy the fresh air and hike your way to the top. There is a restaurant nearby serving mouth-watering food, and you’ll also be able to witness the stunning sunset/sunrise from the place. Wear comfortable shoes to aid you on your hiking excursion since the trail is a little rocky.


Boat Excursion

Deni excursions

Deni excursions offer boat expeditions through the Island where you’ll be able to witness mesmerizing glistening waters, golden silky sand, and playful dolphins all while sailing on the saline Adriatic seawater. The journey will take you through the old town of Baska where you can jump in for a quick swim.

Experience vibrant trees and stunning landscapes at Grgur, witness the Adriatic wildlife of the Island, explore the hidden creeks, and even observe the remains of a vintage sunken German warship. The best part about it is being able to feed friendly deer with your own hands.


Sea Kayak

Sea Kayak

Packed with adrenaline and adventure, you can book the Northern Delights Tour and explore the expansive Adriatic Sea with its stunning clear waters and rocky peaks. The tour guides are professionally certified, and help you navigate the waters so you’ll be able to witness all the spots on your way.

Not only is it a perfect Instagram spot, but you’ll also be able to see dolphins jumping out of the water. You can spend several days kayaking by camping in tents on the golden sandy beaches and enjoy fresh, warm, and hearty meals made by the expert guide.


Kandarola Beach

Beach Kandarola

An ultimate fan-favorite spot for the free-spirited, the Kandarola nudist beach offers you a chance to let loose. The place is filled with non-judgemental people so you don’t need to worry about unruly stares and uncomfortable remarks.

Jump directly from the rocks straight into the cold water, try out snorkeling or you can even have a delicious warm meal right at the edge of the water. However, do remember to bring some extra cash as there is an entrance fee here.


Rab Cake Museum, The Kuca Rabske Torte

Kuca Rabske Torte

The Rab Cake is one of their famous local desserts, made with citrus, liquor, and crunchy almonds, traditionally shaped into a spiral. Following a vintage film set aesthetic, the place feels right out of the 60s.

Filled with the enticing history of the dessert, you will also be able to unleash your inner wine connoisseur and sip on some of the local wine. They sell a plethora of local products ranging from oils, perfumes, and skincare. The place has a tranquil atmosphere and you’ll be able to enjoy the aroma of freshly baked goods.


The Tower of St.Christopher

Tower of St.Christopher

Located inside the tower of St. Christopher is the museum of sacred art filled with religious manuscripts, unique artifacts, ancient books on religion, and even the skull that allegedly belonged to St.Christopher himself.

The entire place is a historical dump where you can find the souvenir shop selling various ornaments and rustic jewelry sets to keep as a memory of the Museum. Or be a witness to the beautiful Renaissance buildings of old Rab with eye-catching views from the tower itself.



Harbour Rab

Known as Eporji, the harbor dates back to medieval times. The ship drops you off at the marina where there are several places to enjoy delicious meals and buy all kinds of souvenirs. There is a ferry nearby that can take you to surrounding places and beaches for you to explore the Island further.

Filled with different stalls lined with t-shirts, jewelry, and other ornaments, the harbor used to be a major part of the Roman town and is still filled with the hustle and bustle of tourists.


Kanoba Rab

Kanoba Rab

An intimate and cozy restaurant, Kanoba Rab offers flavorful fresh seafood which will leave you wanting more. Their traditional cooking method of using an iron lid pot in a coal oven makes their meals even juicier. However, the food needs more time to cook so be sure to order quickly.

Located in a tiny alleyway, it not only offers fish but also has a wide array of dishes like succulent and juicy steaks, lamb, and their sweet, sugary local Rab cake packed with almonds and a kick of citrus. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water!


Kron Diving

Kron Diving

Featuring a lot of different activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, and boat dives, Kron has several different packages with varying prices for different age groups. The best part about it is that you don’t need to have any prior experience as they offer support throughout.

Kron is super safe so you don’t need to worry about any mishaps, just enjoy watching the various types of marine life and explore the seas below. They even have an underwater photography package to take memorizing professional-grade pictures.


Suha Punta Beach

Suha Punta Beach

Filled with huge boulders, Suha Punta is a rocky beach where you can climb on top of a rock and jump straight into the waters below. You’ll find a cozy bar tucked away in a corner, clear water filled with marine life, and several hotels nearby.

Find shade under their pine trees or throw on some sunscreen and cannonball into the water. You can also take a stroll and explore the beach in tranquility. Bring some extra cash as they don’t accept credit card payments.


Rab Concentration Camp

Rab Concentration Camp

Remains of an old concentration camp, this location is a reminder of the atrocities of the fascist regime. An upward of fifteen thousand people were forced to live here with poor hygienic conditions, and lack of food and shelter, causing several people to die.

Situated on a small side street, visiting the graveyard is an eye-opening experience of the brutality we inflict upon each other. Since this site is not a common tourist attraction, you should specifically ask the tourism office to communicate the details to you.


Santa Marina

Santa Marina

Serving some of the best food on the Island with its rich plates of pasta and succulent protein options, Santa Marina is gigantic with its cobble walls and castle core aesthetic. The relaxing ambiance and friendly serving staff, mixed together with live music, makes the dining experience quite unique.

Though it is a little expensive in comparison to other restaurants, it offers an expansive menu with its delicious octopus salad being a major showstopper. The place also has a wide variety of wines so you can pick your poison.

Final Thoughts

The island of Rab is the literal embodiment of heaven on earth with its gorgeous landscapes and picturesque bays. There is an unlimited amount of adventure here ranging from water sports to historical architecture to war ruins to emerald waters and delightful food museums.

Depending upon your preference, you can sit back, relax, and take a break from the city life, or you can jump head-first into adrenaline-packed adventures, go on multiple excursions and explore the island.

So, if you’re planning a visit, these twenty things should be on top of your itinerary!

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