10 Things To Know Before Visiting Rab Island

Planning a trip to Rab Island? Here are some of the things you need to know before visiting!

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Filled with adrenaline-packed adventures, Rab Island is an insanely popular tourist hotspot where people visiting from all around the globe come to take a break, away from modern-day corporate slavery. The little Island in Croatia has a multitude of dream-like beaches, several historical landmarks, and tons of gobsmackingly good restaurants.

If you’re planning to visit this delightful chunk of land floating on top of the Adriatic Sea, then there are some essential tips and important information you should be aware of prior to the trip.

We’ve accumulated a list of ten things you should know before visiting Rab Island to help you plan your vacation stress-free!


The Weather

Rab Promenade

Having an average of almost 2200 hours of sunlight every year, the climate here is pretty mild with very minimal spikes. The temperature during some of the hottest months of July and August is in the range of twenty degrees celsius which is ideal for a vacation, that is, if you like the heat.

The scorching sun might not be your cup of tea, in which case it is recommended to go during the spring season when the bone-chilling winds haven’t started raging yet and it’s also not hot enough for air conditioning. Going to Rab during the winter is definitely not as exciting because you won’t be able to swim in the crystal-clear seas of the Island.

Even though these months are ideal, it also means that you’ll find a huge amount of tourists during this time of the year which can often be a buzzkill. So, you should definitely consider finding the right balance between the weather and the rush according to what’s important to you.


The Currency

The kuna

Kuna (HKR) is the local currency used on the Island so you should definitely go to your local currency exchanger to get some money converted beforehand. Since Rab is a very popular tourist destination, a lot of the bigger places accept Euros as well in order to cater to a large number of foreigners.

If you want to explore small ornament shops on the harbor and little cozy cafes on the beachside, you’ll need the local currency. Not all places accept credit cards and several places don’t have ATM machines nearby so keeping extra cash is recommended.

In case you run out of cash, you can go to a local bank located nearby your hotel, or exchange some at your hotel. Remember that banks are not open every day so you might not be able to get Kuna as readily as you’re thinking.


The Food

Konoba Rab

Rab has some of the best restaurants and hotels for seafood and succulent meat, however, everyone does not have a high budget so you can visit one of the several grocery stores and supermarkets located here. Since the majority of people visiting stay in areas around the main heart of the Island, there are smaller markets there. Visit the town loggia if you want to get a greater variety and larger stores.

If you’re not staying in a hotel and have opted to go for a BnB or a rustic local apartment, getting fresh produce is a must. The Plodine market in Banjol offers a large array of items and stays open till the evening. It will come in handy due to the lack of vegan and vegetarian options within restaurants. Located in Sarengrad Square, their local fish market offers freshly plucked fish, octopus, prawns, and everything you can possibly imagine.

If you’re staying in Kampor, Tommy supermarket found in Palit will be the closest one to you, and if you’re staying at Supetarska Draja, then the nearest one to you is via the port, known as the Konzum supermarket. Planning your visit while keeping these locations in mind will help reduce the commute.


The Hotels

Imperial Hotel Rab

Different hotels are spread across the Island at different price points, so you can select the one that fits your budget. If you’re looking for luxury and class, Rab has tons of spectacular hotels that offer a variety of amenities, majestic views, and amazing customer service. A bit more pricey, but one of the best places to stay is the Arbiana Hotel. Valamar, Padova and Imperial hotels are also fantastic options.

Depending on your accommodation preferences, you can also stay at San Marino Camping Resort where you’ll find camping tents, standard pitches, comfort pitches, and mares to stay at. The place has electricity even in their camping tents along with sanitary washrooms, so you don’t need to worry.

Another recommended option is to check out BnB listings or apartments for rent and book yourself a cute and cozy place to stay. This will be cheaper than fancy four-star hotels, however, facilities like pools, minibars, and room service will not be available.


The Lingo

Rab Cafe

Since Rab is a place full of diversity, there are several languages spoken there that combine the cultures of various different ethnicities. Croatian is the most widespread and popular language due to the fact that the island is located in Croatia so naturally, it uses the same lingo.

However, there are other languages used by waiters and waitresses along with shop owners which include Italian, German as well as Serbian. This means that you should learn some basic phrases before you visit to aid you in your excursion and avoid any mishaps. Due to the insane amount of people visiting every year, a lot of the common tourist destinations also speak and understand English pretty well.

Hotels often have members of their staff or help desk personnel who know English, and the tour guides are also pretty fluent in the language. Menus present in several restaurants may be difficult to read so the waiters often provide assistance.


The Beaches

Rab Beach

Filled with mesmerizing golden sandy beaches, lined with jagged mountains and calming blue seas, Rab has about thirty beaches. If you’re someone who enjoys seclusion, an intimate and calming visit with just you and a nice book, then beaches like Ciganka and Stolac are ones you’d want to check out.

Some beaches are filled with thrilling activities like parasailing, jet skis, and water sports namely Lopar and Padova which are perfect for adrenaline junkies. With deeper waters, Rab has some spectacular places for swimmers to rip off those clothes and dive right in. A ton of beaches are also nudist optional like Kandarola, where you’re free to walk around butt-naked.

All these places are extremely clean and hygienic despite the large volume of people visiting every day. They have been awarded the blue flag for their cleanliness and preservation of the ecosystem along with marine life.


The Way There

Rab Boat

There are four airports close to Rab namely Rijeka, Zagreb, Zadar, and Split. The nearest airport, Rijeska is around 2-2.5 hours away however it is not directly connected so you can walk or take the bus to the catamaran from where you’ll get to the island.

You can also use a car to get to the island via Split ( about eight hours away) however taxis here are extremely expensive and not recommended for this long of a journey. The catamaran also takes you to Rab through Zadar via Novaljia on the island of Pag.

To save time and money, it is ideal to use the bus, ferry, or catamaran instead of driving here. Walking is also not feasible as the distances are too long, especially with the added luggage.


The Activities

Kron Diving

Packed with some of the most exciting adventures, the entire island is the literal embodiment of the word fun. From hidden creeks to the exciting medieval festival of Rapska Fjera to deep diving into the turquoise water, Rab has it all.

You can go snorkeling with Kron Diving, sail on the waves sitting in a glass bottom catamaran, go on a boat excursion with Deni or unleash your inner party animal at club Santos. A stroll through Kormar park, the hot sandy beaches, and tons of historical landmarks are common things to do there.

Serving fresh, steaming food with tons of fish, meats, and their local slice of heavenly goodness, the Rab cake, the entire place has food you can post straight to your Instagram feed.


The Commute

Rab Boat

Within the island, a company named Kristofor travel owns all the public transport vehicles. A bus runs from Lopar to Rab at regular intervals, from about 4 am to 11 pm, which is a popular method of commuting here. You’ll also find several taxis willing to take you around, however, they are super expensive for long distances.

If your hotel or place of stay, is near the heart of the town, you can rent a bike to pedal your way to the destination, or walking on foot is also a good option. This will also enable you to see small cozy spots and explore the place extensively rather than just visiting the main tourist commonplaces.

Since the entire island is surrounded by water, going to and from the place can be done via ferries and boats.


The History

Rab Town

Rab is a hub of culture and diversity because of its rich history and several historical architectures that can still be seen today. It is important to do a little background check on the past so that you don’t offend any of the locals, recovering from the wounds of the colonization era, that still run deep.

Several notable historical places are present here like the Rab concentration camp, multiple churches, old war sites, palaces turned into restaurants (Santa Maria), and even a Rab cake museum. It also features huge cypress and alpine trees that are centuries old yet still preserved.

The general aesthetic of the entire island is rustic, vintage and will take you back to the medieval and renaissance era with its Roman-structured buildings, stone walls, and use of limestone in several locations.

Final Thoughts

The literal definition of heaven, Rab is a must-visit for everyone out there looking to go on a getaway vacation. It has so much to offer with its delightful food, amazing views that leave you star-struck, and thrilling activities.

If you’re planning a visit here, you should take some time to scroll through the list and plan accordingly for maximum fun and excitement. We want you to have a perfect itinerary for the trip, with all the meticulous details already sorted, to avoid any hassle later on!

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