Where Is the Best Nightlife in Lanzarote?

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We all know and love Lanzarote for the stunning volcanic scenery and the fantastic beaches, but what happens after dark? Although not known for the party atmosphere as much as its bigger brother Tenerife, Lanzarote can still hold its’ own in the nightlife stakes. Whether you want a romantic meal and walk by the sea, hardcore dance or banging 70s disco, Lanzarote delivers after dark.  

The type of nightlife you will find in Lanzarote is dictated by where you are. The larger tourist areas have the most outstanding choices for your nighttime activities. The main hot spots are the southern regions such as Puerto del Carmen, Playa Blanca and Arrecife. Still, there is plenty of action to be found on the Costa Teguise in the north.

We have put together some ideas on how to enjoy the best nightlife in Lanzarote, whatever your age or tastes.

1. A Night on the Terrace

Spanish terrace at night

You are on holiday, the weather is fantastic, you are in scenic Lanzarote, it’s nighttime, and you are wearing sunglasses. There can be no better place to enjoy the nightlife than from a bar, disco or nightclub terrace. Partying outdoors is enriched by the cool night air keeping you as cool as you think you look in those sunglasses. If you are from Northern Europe, the opportunities to enjoy eating or dancing on terraces are limited because of the weather, but not in Lanzarote. Take advantage of the vast array of different venues, the fantastic night temperatures and the different vibes of the bars and pubs. Outdoor terraces are there to be enjoyed and are a big part of the Lanzarote nightlife scene. One you will undoubtedly miss after departing for home.

2. Party Hard

spanish nightclub

Without a doubt, Puerto del Carmen is the party town of Lanzarote, with most establishments concentrated in the vicinity of Avenida de las Playas. Every type of bar and club is here, Irish, karaoke, gay and lesbian, cocktail, the list is too long for here; you need to experience the “strip” yourself.

If you fancy something more low-key, there are dozens of high-quality restaurants to enjoy. Also, dinner theatre shows providing quality food and excellent entertainment are a great way to spend an evening. Suppose you feel lucky or fancy a Vegas-style evening. In that case, you can visit the “Gran Casino de Lanzarote“, which is open every day from 10:00am to 03:00. Why not take your tuxedo or best cocktail dress? You can then Instagram your James Bond experience to your followers.

If you have decided you want to party, you can be sure that the parties will last all night if you can keep up! Most of the trendy places will not open until after ten in the evening, start getting busy at two, and will go non-stop until sunrise. But that is OK as you are in Lanzarote and can sleep all day on one of the fabulous beaches and recharge for the next night.

3. Elegant and Sophisticated

sophisticated dining

For a sophisticated and glamorous nightlife experience, visit the Marina Rubicon. First up is the beautiful area with huge yachts and motorboats moored within this Marina. There are stunning wooden boardwalks to wander whilst walking off your fantastic meal. Start the evening by having a gentle browse around the excellent shops in the “village” and then settle down for the night in the cool air of the Marina. With over 20 unique upmarket bars and restaurants, you can find a dining experience to suit you, whether fine wines and tapas, cocktails, suckling pig or an Argentinian steak. There are bars with terraces, live music and entertainment until the early hours, all with a chic vibe to them.

Alternatively, you could head to Los Jameos del Agua in the municipality of Haría. Check out the special concerts where you can listen to live musical performances in the natural auditorium. You can also eat in the restaurant or have drinks and tapas from one of the bars. 

It is a spectacular environment to have a stylish evening of culture, and it will make you feel very special indeed.

4. Being a Square Can Be Fun

town square in spain

You will notice that the locals congregate after dark in the main squares. The air is cooler, the children come out to play, and the multigenerational families gather to discuss family business, politics, sport, anything; the Spanish really like to talk.

As the night draws on, the oldest will retire to bed and leave the parents and kids. The parents will likely retire to a bar for a caña of ice-cold beer, and the kids will play out until 2 or 3 am.  

Why not sit at a small bar or on a bench in the square and soak up this very Mediterranean pastime. It is pretty astonishing how they encompass this into their lives, as the Spanish would always rather be outdoors than indoors.  

Before you realise you have been chatting or people-watching for hours without a care in the world. A very alternate way of spending an evening but one which brings a considerable level of relaxation and calmness, which is something we could all do with more of.  

5. Family Orientated

family friendly bar in spain

If you are holidaying with family, you may want a quieter area and your nightlife a bit more low-key. If that is what you are looking for, Costa Teguise is where you should be heading.

The best nightlife in Lanzarote depends on the children’s ages and likes and dislikes. There are plenty of bars and restaurants as you would expect, but there are quite a few British-owned bars which cater well for families with Karaoke, TVs, and Pool tables. There is a rumour of PS4s being installed in one establishment to keep the teenagers entertained.

Younger children might like to splash around in the pool, and there are bars with pools which can accommodate the kids playing while you enjoy a drink while watching the sunset.

Many bars have sports TV subscriptions and will be showing top football matches from around the world, as well as significant football events such as the European Championship and the World Cup. 

On a side note, if you have the chance, go to a local bar frequented by Spanish whilst Real Madrid plays Barcelona. It is quite an experience, noisy and animated, but something you will remember.

 6. Bar Crawl

Bar crawl in spain

In all the main resorts, there are plenty of bars with different styles, vibes and music. Why not spend a night touring bars and enjoy the diverse culture offered by each and every one of them? Maybe start the night in bars frequented by locals and embrace Lanzarotes’ culture before moving on to cocktail and music bars, then a club to end the night or morning!

You could even theme your evening and plan your crawl to encompass only Irish Bars, Bars with live music or only karaoke bars. There are plenty of choices, so why not mix it up with a bit of forward planning to make the night more memorable.

A Final Note

So we started asking where the best nightlife is in Lanzarote? But there wasn’t one answer.

Lanzarote has such a diverse nightlife offering that only you can answer that question. If you embrace all forms of nightlife in Lanzarote, you will find there is more to it than the bright lights and clubs of Puerto del Carmen. If you want to truly enjoy your nightlife experiences in Lanzarote and take away some unique memories, push your boundaries, go outside your comfort zone and try something new. You can be sure of an enjoyable evening whatever route you choose.

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