8 Best Beaches on Mljet Island, Ranked

Don't know which beach to visit first? Check out this list for more insights!

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Mljet is one of the greenest islands in Croatia with thick luscious forests, hefty shrubs, and dark-green Aleppo Pine Trees with chunky trunks lining the terrain. You can reach the place while sailing across the Adriatic waters from the south, about 30 km from the city of Dubrovnik.

When you’re planning a vacation from miles away, it is often hard to figure out what’s the best place to add to your itinerary. With endless options to choose from, the process becomes needlessly stressful. So, to aid you in your getaway planning, we have a list of the eight best beaches on Mljet Island!


Mala Saplunara

Mala Saplunara

Found on the southern side of the Island, Mala Saplunara is a sandy beach with a dazzling view of the deep blue water, cotton candy clouds, and green chunky trees lining undulating mountain tops. The beach also has a bar for chilled boozy cocktails and a restaurant serving heavenly food that will make you drool.

Since the beach is on the very tip of Mljet, it is peaceful and quiet here even during the peak tourist seasons. For beach rentals like umbrellas and sunbeds, there is a shop located onsite and you can reach Saplunara by taking a bus from the ports or traveling via car.



Blace,  best beaches on Mljet Island

Popular for being a nudist beach, Blace attracts the free-spirited to come to tear away those clothes and let the cool breeze hug their body. This is partly due to how secluded the beach is with the entrance from the waters to the beach being very narrow and the entire place being surrounded by a thick forest, giving people privacy.

It is also ideal for young children because of the shallow warm waters even if the climate is chilly. However, the place does not have any restaurants or facilities so if you’re planning to come to this sandy paradise, remember to bring your snack bag and toiletries with you.


Sutmiholjska Beach

Sutmiholjska Beach

A stunning pebble bay, Sutmiholjska is an ideal place for families and young kids due to its shallow waters making swimming and water activities much safer. Make sure to take some sunscreen because the location has no shade and you don’t want to get a nasty sunburn.

Located between the village of Ropa and Babino Polje, this beach also has a cute little restaurant and a rental agency for sunbeds and umbrellas. To get to Sutmiholjska you need to use the bus to Babino from where you can either rent a cycle or a scooter to take you to the bay.


Velika Saplunara

Vela Saplunara

On the Southern side of Mljet, there are three beaches namely Blace, Velika Salplunara, and Mala Salpunara. This beach offers a gorgeous view of the turquoise Adriatic Sea, surrounded by mountains lined by dark green shrubs and forests and the perfect sky to pair with it.

One of the biggest legends about this place is that Odysseus, a popular hero in Greek mythology, rested on this very beach. On top of that, Velika Saplunara also has a mouth-watering place to eat and a bar serving fresh drinks to cut down some of the heat.


Gono Turska Bay

Gono Turska Bay

Though it is a rather small hidden cove, Gono Turska Bay is very secluded, and not many people know about it so you can enjoy some peace without interruption. Go splash around in the turquoise water or just dip your toes and take in mother nature.


Veliko Jezero

Veliko Jezero

People coming to the National Park in Mljet often find themselves here at Veliko Jezero also called the large lake. One of the best places to go for a quick swim or dive into the waters for a snorkeling adventure.

To reach the location, you can take an electric boat that will waltz you straight to the lake and you’ll also witness stunning grey boulders on your way. Moreover, this place has shade due to the large trees covering the area which means you can enjoy the view without getting burnt to a crisp.


Malo Jezero

Malo Jezero

Known as the small lake, Malo Jezero is an ideal place to swim because of the calm water here. Not only does that make it more family-friendly, but it also means that water activities are possible here even in those seasons when it is not advisable to go swimming.

This saltwater lake is connected to the large lake through a small canal so essentially if you visit one, be sure to also check out the other. Since the water is calm, you can whip out your camera and take a beautiful shot without having to deal with any water damage.


Kozarica Bay

Kozarica Bay

A tiny little bay on the northern side of the island, Kozarica is right outside one of the biggest tourist hotspots on the island, the National Park. Known to be a fishing village, many people visit this spot to test out their own fishing skills.

On top of that, you can use a ferry or catamaran to travel to other areas nearby from here. Enjoy the serene atmosphere or just sit back and watch the paradisial gradient of colors made by the sunset.

Final Thoughts

Though Mljet is one of the smaller islands in Croatia, it has so much to offer with its thick luscious forests lining undulating planes and several beaches, both sandy and filled with pebbles, that make it an amazing place to visit.

Information about the Island is quite scarce which means it is awfully hard to plan a vacation here so we decided to make it a tiny bit easier by compiling a list of the eight best beaches on Mljet Island.

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