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14 Best Snorkelling Spots in Lanzarote

We all associate Lanzarote with great beach holidays, volcanoes and banging nightlife, but Lanzarote has a serene side. As part of the Largest Marine Biosphere,

By Simon Batchelor 9 Min Read



20 BEST Things To Do On Rab Island, Croatia 

If you're trying to figure out your Rab Itinerary, you've come to the right place!

By Maria Marchant 17 Min Read


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Found on the Western side of Croatia, Rab is a stunning fusion of diverse landscapes

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10 Best Restaurants on Rab Island

Rab Island is a hotspot destination for tourists who fly all the way to Croatia

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5 Best Beaches on Rab Island, Croatia

With an average of almost 2,200 hours of sunlight every year, Rab Island is an

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