10 BEST Things to Do on Pag Island

Looking for places to visit in Pag? Look no further because we've curated a list made especially for you.

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Known as the most extravagant party Island in all of Croatia, Pag has been given the title of Croatian Ibiza. Located in Northern Dalmatia, near Zadar, the place is a sight for sore eyes. Not only will you be able to unleash your inner party animal, but this little place has a lot more to offer than just its vibrant nightlife.

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Pag is packed with tons of amazing culturally rich and historic sites, mouth-watering lamb and cheese, several thrilling water activities for the adrenaline junkies, and an array of sandy and pebble beaches. You’ll also encounter stunning views, with gleaming saline waters, rugged mountains, and gorgeous sunsets.

Since there is just so much to do here, we wanted to showcase our top picks. So, without further ado, here are ten of the best things to do on Pag Island


Robinzon Tours

Robinzon Tours

Offering a fantastic once-in-a-lifetime experience, Robinzon tours take you on a boat journey to explore hidden coves, untouched lands, and areas in Pag only accessible through the Adriatic waters. With friendly hosts and a warm welcoming captain, the tour is about six to nine hours long without a single dull moment.

Not only will you be served delicious crisp Rakija wine and juicy succulent meats, but you will also be able to have adventures packed with fun. Dive in the gleaming waters for a quick swim or bring some snorkeling equipment to explore the underwater marine life. The boat will also sail through a bumpy cave so make sure you’re holding on tight.

With the excursion starting off at around 9:30 in the morning, the views of the turquoise water, gigantic boulders, and the bright blue sky, make the entire trip feel like a fairy tale straight out of Disney. The best part about it is that it’s not even that expensive as it includes the trip and the food both.


Pag’s Bermuda Triangle

Pag's Bermuda Triangle

A bizarre yet unique experience on this little slice of land is Pag’s very own Bermuda Triangle located off of a hill from road 106. Dating back to 1999, the triangle was discovered with weirdly shaped circular and cylindrical rocks showcasing that someone had purposely shaped them.

When these rocks were exposed to UV, they started to radiate red light which is often a sign of volcanic activity that is not possible on this island. Many researchers, UFO fanatics, and theorists travel all the way here just to witness this perplexing phenomenon. However, make sure to ask someone for directions as it isn’t easy to find despite the sign on the road.

The entire area is just above 3.5 km, filled with small rocks, and tiny bumps, along with the arduous hike to reach the location, making it somewhat physically challenging. It is ideal to take some sturdy shoes in order to have a smooth trek and avoid blisters and injuries.


 Čista Beach

 Čista Beach

Known for its spectacular beaches, Pag has several coasts that will leave your eyes wide open. One such place is the Cista beach offering glistening saline waters, calming blue skies, and undulating rocky mountains that will enchant you the minute you step onto the rocky terrain.

Cista is packed with adventure and fun with its pedal boats, swings for the young, and sandcastle equipment that makes for good family time. The best part is that if you’re tired after an eventful day, you can enjoy some mouth-watering food and snacks at the restaurant and bar on site.

The beach does get a bit crowded so you’ll need to come in a little early to avoid peak hours. They also have paid parking, and parasol rentals to protect you from the scorching UV rays. Pack a tube of sunscreen to avoid getting nasty sunburns since there is no natural shade here.


Sirana Gligora, Kolan

Sirana Gligora, Kolan

Apart from the crazy nightlife, Pag is also known for its infamous cheese! Gilgora dairy dates back to 1918 when a local named Frane started producing cheese from small sheep whose milk is a touch salty. The product was then matured for a couple of months before it could be consumed.

Salty, crisp, and flaky, Paški sir and Zigljen are some of the best fresh cheese you’ll ever be able to put in your mouth. Gilgoria is an award-winning place based in Kolan producing the finest quality cheese to be exported. What’s amazing is that you’ll be able to tour the entire place and look at the process and production of the product.

The place lets you taste test their product right there and then so you’ll get your hands on the cheese fresh after production. You can even buy some at the factory to devour later or take it with you after the vacation comes to an end.


Plaža Ručica

Plaža Ručica

Towards the east, there lies a white pebble beach with water so blue that it looks unreal, and dusty rugged peaks located in the background. Rucica not only offers stunning views, but it is also a popular tourist hotspot for several other reasons.

The place offers swimming spots, hiking trails, and snorkeling in the deep Adriatic waters to explore the coral reefs and marine life. Near the beach, is the town of Metajna where you’ll be able to find scrumptious snacks that you can bring to Rucica and enjoy a lovely picnic at the orange-colored sun sinks below the hills.

With an array of ways to reach the location like via boat, driving in a car, or walking on foot, you’ll be able to reach the place in no time. Remember to bring a parasol to protect yourself from the sun’s rays as this beach too, like the previous one, does not have any natural shade.


Zrce Beach

Zrće beach

Zrce lives up to its name by hosting several festivals, DJ nights, and raves, the beach is a hub for Gen Z and all things party. Hosting several festivals like Sonus, featuring a ton of local musicians and artists, and the Hideout festival under the open air with a wide variety of music to dance to, Zcre is also called the Croatian Ibiza.

Apart from the wild nightlife of the beach full of alcohol and music, the beach also has some adventure-filled activities like bungee jumping, huge water slides, volleyball courts, and you can always dive into the glistening water for a quick swim.

The location offers amenities like parking spaces, clean toilets and you can reach the place via a taxi. It is important to note that Ubers generally don’t reach this area so you’ll have to keep some extra cash for the more expensive taxi.


Museum of Salt

Museum of Salt

Throughout the island, there are several salt warehouses dating as far back as the 17th century, during the Austro-Hungarian rule. One such salt warehouse was converted into a museum of salt to show the traditional ways of getting salt from the Adriatic water along with historical artifacts.

The museum is filled with models of salt fields and several other objects having cultural significance. Not only will you be able to learn more about the island itself, but you’ll also be guided by a friendly curator that will give you a deeper insight.

The salt museum is very affordable and is ideal to visit if you’re with your family or traveling with younger children as it will is quite a unique experience. You will also be able to purchase cute souvenirs from a tiny shop to mark your visit here. What’s amazing is that descriptions are offered in several languages so you won’t need a translator!


Konoba Bodulo

Konoba Bodulo

Enjoy a hearty meal at one of the finest restaurants located on Pag offering a huge variety of options. From succulent seafood like their juicy Tuna steak to delicious Beef Citadela to sweet pudding to their expansive wine selection, Konoba Bodulo has it all.

Bodulo offers a serene ambiance, filled with friendly and professional waiter staff and a calming aesthetic. Not only do they offer some amazing food, but their portions are also quite large and will keep you filled for a couple of hours. They also offer vegan and vegetarian options so you won’t need to stick to salads alone.

Located behind the stone wall, the place has a terrace so even if you’re visiting during one of the warmer months, the shade will keep you cool. However, the prices are a bit high in comparison to some of the other restaurants on Pag.


Lace Museum

Pag Lace Museum

Lace-making is an old tradition in Pag with this gallery being opened back in 1998 to preserve artifacts and showcase the heritage of the Island. The place used to be the ancient Ducal Palace which was remodeled into a museum/gallery.

When you walk inside this magnificent place, you might find it a bit small at first but don’t let that fool you because it is filled with intricate lace work made using a plethora of lace-making techniques. The exhibit shows you artwork dating back to different eras, using a mesh of texture, detail, and sophistication like no other.

Not only is the ticket to enter quite cheap, but you’ll also be able to try some lace-making with the help of professionals present on-site. Highlighting the Croatian culture, this museum is a must-visit for artistic souls.


Wakepark Cable

Wakepark Cable

Located on a Pag beach, wakeboarding, also known as a ski lift, is a fun-filled activity that you need to try if you’re visiting the island. Not only is it thrilling and will give you an adrenaline boast, but it is also safe. In case you fall into the water, a small boat comes to pick you up. The park also has tons of professionals in case something goes wrong.

The platform itself is about 10m high and 600m in length, making it somewhat higher than other Adriatic ski lifts. You’ll also be able to find any equipment needed as there is a sports shop nearby. Reach the place from the city of Zadar, located about seventy kilometers from the park.

Ideally, you should visit a bit early to avoid large crowds since it is a popular place for several tourists. Apart from the ski lift, the place has a newly installed zip line, which is about 300m long, so this isn’t the only activity you’ll find here.

Final Thoughts

The Island of Pag is a majestic land filled with gorgeous views of rocky mountains, pebble bays, golden sandy beaches, and turquoise-blue water sparkling in the bright sun. However, it not only offers a stunning view but there are tons of activities to do here ranging from water sports to museums to bizarre UFO sites.

So, if you’re planning to visit soon and can’t decide on what to add to your itinerary, we’ve curated this list of the ten best things to do on Pag Island in order to make your life easier!

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