8 Breathtaking Beaches on Korcula Island

Can't decide which beach to visit first? We are here to help!

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Being the sixth largest Island in Croatia, Korcula is a stunning little slice of heaven that will leave your jaw hanging wide open. With medieval-style architecture, historical landmarks, and juicy fresh seafood, this place is a must-visit. Moreover, the Island is surrounded by thick luscious trees that help provide shade at multiple sites.

One of the best things to do on Korcula is to visit their divine picture-perfect sandy and pebble beaches. With so many options to choose from and not enough time, we decided to help you on your way by listing down the eight best beaches on Korcula Island!


Pupnatska Luca Beach

Pupnatska Luca Beach

Pupnatska Luca Beach is a stunning sandy beach with gorgeous clean waters and large undulating mountains in the background. With restaurants and bars serving warm hearty food and chilled drinks, you’ll be able to enjoy munchies while relaxing on your fun-filled vacation. Additionally, you can even rent a kayak to explore the waters or a surfing board for your daily adrenaline fix.

Luca Beach is one of the most Instagrammable spots on Korcula so it could be a great addition to your vacation pictures. However, Google Maps doesn’t accurately guide you to the location so instead, use the signs to help you there. Remember to bring some cash as credit cards aren’t accepted here.


Vela Przina Beach

Vela Przina Beach, best beaches on Korcula Island

Located near some of the best restaurants in Korcula, you can strip off that shirt and jump straight into the Adriatic waters to swim with the little fishes at Vela Przina. If you’re one for adventures, then you can try snorkeling to complete your Croatian journey. This beach is somewhat unique as it has a sandy terrain while also having a pebble-filled terrain so you can choose which one you prefer.

Rent sunbeds and umbrellas from a rental shop nearby so that you can sit back with your favorite margarita and enjoy the beach, away from the scorching heat. Moreover, the place is ideal for young kids as the water is relatively shallow making it a safe option.


Bacva Beach

Bacva Beach

Found near the main town of Korcula, Bacva Beach looks straight out of a movie with its picturesque bay, green-lined mountains, and deep blue sky to top it off. The place has crystal-clear waters that will catch your eye and there is even a little restaurant located nearby that has some of the most fresh fish mains that you’ll ever have,

Since it’s located near the center, there are some of the best hotels to stay at all close by so you can walk here to avoid the hassle of trying to find a vehicle. However, it is a pebble bay, so make sure to take some sturdy shoes to avoid getting blisters.


Raznjic Penisula Beach

Raznjic Penisula Beach

To reach Raznjic Penisula Beach it is ideal to travel via car, park it, and walk to the beach following a narrow road which will take about ten minutes in total. What attracts most people to this gorgeous location is the turquoise-blue water that makes for a spectacular sight. Since the water is so clean, you’ll be able to witness vibrant colorful fishes as well.

Raznjic is ideal for families with young kids due to its shallow water which has an optimum warm temperature that makes it fun to play in without catching a cold. However, don’t forget to take your sunscreen along with you if you don’t want a nasty sunburn from the scorching sun.


Zitna Beach

Zitna Beach

Encompassed by thick green forests, Zitna Beach is unreal with blue waters as far as the eye can see, crossing the bend in front. Since Zitna is a popular tourist hotspot, you should visit the place early in the morning to get away from the crowds of people while also enjoying the gorgeous orange-hued sunrise.

To reach the beach, you’ll have to trek down a little so if you’re traveling with someone who can’t do that, this might not be the place for you. Big boulders on the sides make for cozy spots to enjoy the mesmerizing view or take beautiful pictures of the landscape.


Vaja Bay

Vaja Bay

Vaja Bay is a cozy little spot that is secluded from the rest of the town so you’ll be able to get more privacy here as opposed to crowded beaches swarming with tourists. However, the road to the beach is quite dangerous as it is narrow and bumpy towards the end so you might want to take an expert local driver to get here.

Since this is a pebble bay, it might be difficult to navigate for younger kids so make sure they wear proper shoes. Moreover, you can jump straight into the gorgeous water and go for a swim or you can even try some snorkeling and let loose. You can also sip on a boozy drink from the bar onsite to take the edge off.


Korcula Archipelago

Korcula Archipelago

Right next to Korcula town, there are twenty islets known as the Skoji Islets which are accessible via kayaks and boats that lead to the place easily. You can hire a water taxi for the entire day or just hop on one that’s already going and you’ll be able to explore the gorgeous little piece of floating land.

Once you reach the location, you can sit under the shade of some thick trees to enjoy the view and get some rest, or you can go for a snorkeling adventure. Surrounded by gleaming water, you’ll be able to destress here. Additionally, if you want to visit multiple places, you can take a guided tour and go island hopping with one of the locations being the Archipelago.


Beach Proizd

Beach Proizd

Known to be one of the most visually stunning beaches in all of Croatia, Beach Prozid lives up to its name with its thick forests, perfect little bays, and stunning blue-tinted water that adds a pop of color. You’ll also find a cute little restaurant where you can gobble down a delicious hot meal.

To get to the beach, you need to take a water taxi that runs to the location about 3 times a day. Be sure to check the timings and reach the stop 10-20 minutes before so you don’t miss your ride.

Final Thoughts

Though Korcula might not be a huge Island, it is definitely one of the more stunning ones in Croatia. With its eye-catching natural sites, a long line of historical sites, and mouth-watering fresh seafood to gobble down, Korcula is definitely worth the visit.

With limitless options to choose from, it is hard to decide which one to add to your vacation bucket list first. Don’t you worry though, because we’ve compiled all the pros and cons with our eight best beaches on Korcula Island. Thank us later!

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