10 BEST Things to Do on Brac Island, Ranked

Wondering what to do on Brac? We're here to help!

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Packed with exhilarating activities, stunning beaches, and mouth-watering food, Brac is a Croatian Island you should definitely look into. Located in Dalmatia, this chunk of land is also home to some of the finest wines that you’ll want to bottle up and take home with you.

Since the place has such a huge array of things to enjoy, the options are limitless. On top of that, planning a vacation from miles and miles away is stressful in itself. So, we’ve decided to compile the ten best things to do on Brac Island in this little article. Hope this helps!


Amber’s Diving Center

Amber Dive Center

Surrounded by gleaming turquoise blue waters, you can’t miss out on a dip in the Sea, and the best place to go to is definitely Amber’s Diving Center. Not only do the guides there teach you everything starting from the basics, but they’re also patient and kind so you’ll feel comfortable around them.

Safety is super important and this center ensures that by double-checking the equipment which is generally brand new. On top of that, they know how to handle people with fears and anxieties which makes them better equipped to help everyone have a blast.


Zlatni Rat Beach

Zlatni Rat Beach

Known as the “Golden Horn”, Zaltni Rat is one of the best beaches on the island of Brac. Due to its pristine condition and extra attention to cleanliness, the place has been awarded the Blue Flag. Rent an umbrella along with a sunbed to bathe in the sun or enjoy a mocktail from the bar onsite.

Zlatni has shallow waters and full-time patrolling lifeguards making it extra safe for families with younger kids. Not only can you enjoy the stunning view of the water with a gorgeous mountain backdrop, but you can also gobble down a warm meal from the restaurant located onsite.


Sunset Kayaking Tour

Sunset Kayaking Tour, best things to do on Brac Island

Watching the sun dip below the water line has to be one of the most mesmerizing experiences of all time. With sunset kayaking tour you’ll be able to paddle your way across the water as the orange hue takes over the sky. The entire tour takes roughly about three hours.

If you don’t know how kayaking works or if it’s your first time out alone in the big blue Sea, don’t worry because the instructor will teach you everything. Plus, you’ll also be wearing life jackets so the entire ordeal is extra safe.


Lovrecina Bay

Lovrecina Bay

Lovrecina is a rare beach due to its soft sandy terrain which is harder to find in Croatia in comparison to pebble bays that are uncomfortable to sit on. However, the path to the bay is dangerous if you’re traveling by car so make sure to rent a bike or a scooter instead. The beach also has amenities like scrumptious food and clean toilets.

If you take a stroll across the place, you’ll find ancient ruins that date back to the 5th and 6th centuries which is perfect for history fanatics looking to explore Brac. Don’t worry if you’re not an explorer because you can enjoy volleyball and badminton instead.


Jaksic Gallery

One of the best Instagram spots in Brac, Jaksic Gallery is the right place for a little art date with your friends and loved ones. Showcasing three different mediums by three different artists, the place has abstract stone sculptures, vibrant paintings, and handmade jewelry, all of which can be purchased.

The gallery is family-run as all three of the artists are siblings. Moreover, their entire aesthetic is super modern and contemporary which makes this perfect to add to your vacation selfie collection.


Vidova Gora

Vidova Gora

Around 780 meters tall, Vidova Gora is the largest peak in Brac offering a splendid view of the entire Island from the top. Depending on your speed, the hike takes roughly two hours so make sure to have some refreshments in your bag for the way there.

Once you’re on top, you can enjoy a cold scoop of ice cream for energy and a bunch of other snacks to fill up that belly. Standing on top of this giant rock, you’ll be able to witness the silhouette of hills and stretches of pristine water, giving you a new perspective of the island.


Stina Winery

Stina Winery

A popular local delicacy enjoyed by tourists and locals alike is Brac’s very own wine made right on the Island. Stina is a winery for all the wine connoisseurs to sit back, swirl the drink in their stemmed glass, and gulp it down.

The waiters at Stina are friendly and professional and you’ll be able to enjoy your drink on the seafront. Moreover, you can pair it with a cute little charcuterie board with fresh olives, homemade bread, and sharp cheese. If you decide to visit this place you must try their Vrhunsko even though the price is a bit high, it is definitely worth it.


Milna Village

Milna Village

Lined with stone-built houses, Milna Harbor is popular amongst the sailors who stop here for a quick break. Not only is the entire page straight out of a magazine cover, but they also have the freshest seafood on all of Brac for you to enjoy.

Additionally, you can enjoy some riveting adrenaline-packed activities like scuba diving and sailing across the stunning waters. Since it is mainly a fishing village, it is recommended to go experience fishing in the Adriatic waters. You may just turn out to be a pro!


Konoba Kala

Konoba Kala

One of the best restaurants in Brac, Konoba Kala is a Michelin-recommended restaurant right by the gleaming waters. Located in Supetar, they offer a wide assortment of food from mouth-watering grilled fish to fresh oysters to creamy mousse, they have it all.

Not only is the food literally from heaven itself, but they pay close attention to the plating with top-notch garnishing, vibrant edible decorations, and the perfect well-balanced sauces to pair with them. However, their prices are a bit high but the quality of their food completely justifies it.


Museum Uja

Milna Village

Also known as the “olive oil” museum, Uja dates back to the year 1864 when it was first established by Josip. Their rustic interior and use of stone screams Croatia. Not only is it visually appealing, but you’ll also get a tour by a guide who’ll show you around the location.

Uja has recently restored its olive oil press and hence you can see it working live within the Museum. This makes for a very unique experience native to the people of Brac. At the end of the tour, you can enjoy a delicious cheese board along with some crisp wine.

Final Thoughts

Brac is a paradisical slice of land floating in the midst of the Adriatic Sea that is a sight for sore eyes. Not only does it offers an array of sandy and pebble beaches, but it also has delicious local wine, several historical landmarks, and so many fun-filled activities that it’s hard to keep track of.

To help you get a well-balanced experience in Brac, we’ve compiled a list of the ten best things to do on Brac Island. Add them to your checklist and enjoy the vacation of a lifetime.

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