8 Best Beaches on Krk Island, Ranked

Looking for the best beaches in Krk? Look no further because we've got you covered!

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Krk is the biggest Island in the Adriatic waters, stretching across a whopping 157 square miles, with stunning coves and luscious thick forests. During ancient times people used to refer to it as “the golden island” due to its mesmerizing natural sites, closeness to the mainland, geographical coordinates, and glistening waters.

One of the highlights of Krk is its gorgeous beaches filled with sandy and pebble bays, crystal clear waters that stretch for miles, and adrenaline-filled activities to enjoy while you’re there. To make your vacation planning easier, we decided to compile a list of eight of the best beaches on Krk Island so let’s jump straight into it. 


Vela Plaza

1800m long, Vela Plaza is one of the biggest Krk Island beaches. Primarily a gravel beach with some patches of sand, Vela Plaza has turquoise waters as far as the eye can see. The beach has big waves making it ideal for water sports like surfing, pedal boats, and the famous Croatian cruise. 

The best part about this slice of heaven is that it is super inclusive as it is disability-friendly so no one has to miss out on all the excitement and fun. Due to its spotless bays, clean water, and constant lifeguard supervision, Vela Plaza has also been awarded the Blue Flag


Oprna Beach

Oprna Beach

Located close to the town of Stara Baska, Oprna Beach is a stunning chunk of land. It is possible to travel by car to reach the top of the bay after which there is a 15-minute hike down to the beach. Be sure to wear proper shoes to avoid slippery rocks and take a water bottle with you for hydration. 

The beach has pristine waters which makes it ideal for snorkeling with the marine life and exploring the Adriatic sea below. To avoid getting a terrible sunburn, you can rent umbrellas and sunbeds while also enjoying a chilled mocktail from the bar nearby.


Soline Bay

Soline Bay

With warm shallow waters, Soline Beach is a cute little spot that is popular amongst tourists. One of the main attractions of Soline is its dark healing mud that you can lather onto yourself for more vibrant skin. However, be careful as it is known to stain your swimsuits so you might want to wear some old ones for this beach.

There are several amenities on Soline including a bakery serving hearty baked goods, a tobacco shop if you’re into smoking, fast food restaurants for your carb cravings, and tons of bars with an array of delightful drinks. Having shallow waters makes it safer for families with little energetic kids.


Potovsce Beach (Vrbnik)

Potovsce Beach

Found near the Vrbnik resort, Potovsce Beach is a stunning chunk of land filled with pebbles and glittering waters. Though it is crowded, the scenic beauty and the pine forest perimeter providing shade from the scorching heat, makes it perfect for all ages. To fully enjoy the beauty of the beach, it is important to visit early in the morning to avoid a packed parking lot.

Mouth-watering local dishes, clean public washrooms and showers, and exotic drinks at the bar are additional reasons to head to Potovsce. You can also take a stroll along the coast and gather magnificent pebbles to take home as souvenirs. 


Vela Luca

Vela Luca

Vela Luca is one of the best beaches on the Island of Krk offering a serene and peaceful atmosphere, far away from civilization. Take a hike from Baska and explore the canyon if you want some physical activity, or use the water taxi for a unique and thrilling experience. 

Since the beach is filled with stone-gray pebbles and boulders, you can climb on top of one for the perfect Instagram-worthy picture. During the summer season, Vela Luca also has catering services so you can enjoy some delicious snacks. 


Sv. Marak Beach

Sv. Marak Beach

One of the few sandy beaches on Krk, Sv. Marak is a delightful place to visit if you’re looking for a view of the undulating mountains and gleaming turquoise waters. Ideal for families, the beach offers floating water slides and rentable sunbeds for UV protection.

You can reach Sv. Marak through an asphalt road originating from the small Risika Village having about 150 inhabitants in total. With its name derived from the nearby church of St. Mark, Marak also offers activities like volleyball courts due to its terrain. 




Located near Camp Jezevac, Porporela has been awarded a blue flag due to its cleanliness and hygienic waters. While its terrain is filled with gravel with patches of sand here and there, the beach is disability-friendly making the entry there easy and accessible to all.

Porporela also has tons of adrenaline-filled activities for people to enjoy like kayaking, pedal boating, and scooters to travel across the beach. You will also be able to see the beautiful Island of Plavnik from the location. 


Punat Beach

Punat Beach

With tons of bars, scrumptious restaurants, and souvenir shops, Punat Beach offers a beautiful view of the Adriatic waters. Enjoy watching the orange-hued sunset with someone you love or walk along the shore to find more private spots with fewer tourists.

Punat is a nudist-optional beach so you can strip all your clothes in the wild and enjoy as the breeze hugs your skin. There are tons of rocks with FKK written on them meaning “free body culture” in German which represents the naturalism of the place. However, make sure to bring some change because the washroom facilities here are not free. 

Final Thoughts

Krk is a beautiful island filled with history, culture, heavenly cuisine, and some of the most gorgeous views in the world. It offers inclusive beaches open to families, couples, and people of all ages, who can come and enjoy the cotton candy clouds and magical sunsets.
To make your planning process a little easier, we’ve condensed down the list to eight of the best beaches on Krk so make sure to add them to your itinerary!

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