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With Instagram having over 1.4 billion active users every month and nearly 1000 pictures posted a second, it is no wonder that regular posters are looking for the perfect picture. If you are looking for Instagram inspiration, look no further than the Top 10 Instagram spots in Lanzarote. With Sun, Sea, Beaches and a volcanic backdrop, there are some fantastic opportunities for that perfect picture

So, here are the top Instagram spots in Lanzarote. Carry on reading to learn where to visit for the perfect enviable snapshot, and make sure you have space on your SD card or the cloud; you will need it for sure.

Playa de Papagayo

Playa de Papagayo - Instagram

No serious Instagrammer would consider visiting Lanzarote and not get a picture of themselves on Playa de Papagayo. It is not easy to access as the entrance road, all seven-plus kilometres, is poorly maintained, bumpy and rough, and there is a small charge to enter.

You will be getting an incredible three beaches formed into a cove with cliffs surrounding menacingly. The water at the Papagayo Beaches is superb. Its clarity and intense turquoise blue colour will make you think you are in the Caribbean and the small intimate coves are perfect spots for that jaw-dropping photo.

Playa de Papagayo is a photographers’ and influencers’ paradise with perfect sand, sea, caves, and even a bar for a cocktail photo opportunity.

La Graciosa

La Graciosa - Instagram

Just ½ hour by boat from Lanzarote, La Graciosa is an island paradise that is waiting for you and your camera. Hire a bike, stroll around; there are no cars or roads and explore the Caribbean-style white sands and turquoise water.

You will have so many opportunities for stunning pictures you probably won’t get very far, but do try. The island has six beaches to explore, with excellent photo prospects; even the most avid Instagram fan will be hard pushed to post all your photos; you will have taken so many.

Alternatively, relax and have a meal of fresh fish and seafood and make your images of the food and the pleasing surroundings the envy of your followers.

Las Grietas

Las Grietas - Instagram

The literal translation from Spanish is “the cracks”; a trip here will instantly explain why the Spanish language doesn’t waste words. Don’t be put off by the “boring” sounding name; these are erosion-formed fissures in a volcano and are extraordinary. There are a few to explore; some further up the hill are narrow, winding and very interesting. 

You can visit here at any time as this is not an official tourist spot, and you can park on the side of the road before exploring.

These openings in the volcano look like miniature versions of the Grand Canyon with red rock walls and a bright blue sky. Late morning to mid-afternoon would be the best time to take that picture, as these times will produce better shadows. If you get it right, it will look like you are on the latest Star Wars set in Hollywood, so Cosplay is allowed in this case….but only in this case!

Mirador del Río

Mirador del Río - Instagram

El Mirador del Rio is a selfie heaven. Set 475 metres high, on top of the Risco de Famara, the views are across to the smallest of the eight Canary Islands, La Graciosa. It is undoubtedly one of the best viewpoints in the whole of Lanzarote. There are two viewing platforms, one being accessed via a stunning spiral staircase (photo opportunity) which leads upstairs to a coffee shop and the higher platform.

Throughout the building, there is stunning architecture designed by Cesar Manrique and traditional ceramics, all of which add to the aesthetic.

Why not have a coffee or a chilled local white wine and shoot that selfie out through the “glass eyes” to the views across the ocean.

The Leaning Palm Tree

The Leaning Palm Tree - Instagram

The Leaning Palm Tree is one of the most popular spots in Lanzarote for Instagrammers. It is located near the Montaña Negra and is easily accessible on foot, only a few hundred metres from the parking. Don’t try to drive to the tree, or you will end with a bill from your car hire company for the damage inflicted by the rocks.

To be clear, there is only one leaning palm tree here, nothing else, no coffee shop or cocktail bar. The point that makes this such a popular spot for Instagrammers is the tree is huge. It is leaning at such an angle you can walk on the trunk, lie on it, swing from it, whatever you fancy for that perfect picture. 

The time of the day changes the lighting significantly, so you may want to go at different times to get the “perfect” picture.

The Red Quarries – Las Canteras de Tinamala

The Red Quarries - Las Canteras de Tinamala

The Reed Quarry is at the Tinamala mountain near Guatiza. The quarries, there are two, are on private land and maybe signposted as private; if so, do not enter. It would help if you had an explorer’s mindset to visit these quarries. You will reach a smaller quarry first, which is signposted as private, but further up the hilly path is the second and the largest quarry.

The quarries were formed in the 1950s by an associate of Cesar Manrique, the famed artist and architect. He developed a machine to cut into the mountain’s rock. The use of this machine gives the rock its staircase-like appearance.

You can imagine yourself in Eqyptian times with the rock faces having a pyramid-like quality. Climb those rocks and get a picture of you looking like a 1940s Egyptologist.

Timanfaya National Park

Timanfaya National Park

Suppose you have searched for photos of Lanzarote on Instagram. In that case, you will have come across a long straight road amongst a volcanic landscape. This is the LZ67 road from Yaiza to Mancha Blanca. The park is a protected area; you can only visit it through guided tours, but this is just a normal public road.  

Pull over and get that picture when you reach one of the two long straights. Just be aware that not every other driver is looking for a picture or expecting you to be wandering around in the middle of the road. Be careful; no one wants to see the post of you being loaded into an ambulance!  

Montaña Colorada – Giant volcanic bomb 

Montaña Colorada - Giant volcanic bomb

The Red Mountain has a special treat for Instagrammers, a giant volcano spitball. During the last eruption, the volcano spat out a huge, and I mean huge, bolder called a volcanic bomb. At about 5m tall and the same width, you can only begin to imagine the immense force needed to have thrown it out of the crater.

To set the scene for your photo, you have an enormous volcanic rock sitting on the moon-like ground with a red mountain looming in the background. It is spectacular and must be on your Top 10 Instagram spots in Lanzarote list. 

Orzola Beach

Orzola beach, a beauty with a dangerous dark side, is at the Northern tip of Lanzarote. The beach and sea caves are only accessible during low tides, and the waters carry strong rip currents, so you will have to work for a spectacular photo. To clarify, check the tides before you plan your trip; if it is high tide, you will not be able to access the cave or the beach.

Walking along Playa de Órzola, you can access the cave behind a stretch of dark rocks. At low tide, you can enjoy taking beach and rock photos for your next post, knowing not many people make this effort, and it also gives a great story to tell.

Please, though, do not get caught out by the tide coming in; it could be your last ever selfie if you do!



This 13th-century town is one of the oldest and cutest in the Canary Islands. Perfect whitewashed houses, bougainvillaea and palms give stunning backdrops for your photo shoot.

Stroll around the old quarter with stunning little plazas and photogenic cobbled streets littered with craft shops and artisan products. The churches and monuments give artistic food for thought, and the food will give you further “Insta” opportunities.

The gem of a post is just waiting for you to find and capture it amongst all this history.

Is Lanzarote Instagram-worthy?

Without a doubt, Lanzarote is a unique island with many, many Instagram spots. Although there is nothing world-famous to capture, the island offers a different, rugged style of imagery to post to your gallery.   

These Top 10 Instagram spots in Lanzarote undoubtedly make it Instagram-worthy. With more places, spaces and views to shoot than I’ve mentioned, you will not be disappointed with what Lanzarote can offer an Instagram junkie.

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