10 BEST Things to Do on Krk Island, Ranked

Here are some the most exciting things you can do on Krk Island!

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Croatia’s largest Island Krk, is a majestic chunk of floating land that is filled with everything you can possibly dream of. Not only does it have some of the cleanest beaches in the country, but it also has irresistible food, culturally rich landmarks, and riveting activities for adrenaline junkies. No wonder it’s been given the title of the “Golden Island”.

Since there is a ton of things to try here, we wanted to make a compilation of the best things to do on Krk Island so you can tick one thing off your vacation planning to-do list. Without further ado, let’s get straight into it!



Vrbnik, best things to do on krk island

A hub of new experiences, Vrbnik is filled with beautiful places and exhilarating activities. It has a small cozy village that is a sight for sore eyes, several wineries offering their local white wine named Žlahtina, rocky beaches with sunkissed mountain tops, and paddle boats to explore the deep blue waters.

You can also buy souvenirs to take along with you or even local products like their scrumptious olive oil to add a little bit of Croatia to your meals back at home. Despite all of this, the best part about the place is still the view with blue skies, crystal clear waters, beautiful boulders, and sunsets that will enchant you forever.


Soline Bay

Soline Bay

One of the best beaches on Krk Island, Soline Bay has warm shallow waters making it an ideal place for families with youngsters buzzing with energy. What makes it so popular is its dark-colored healing mud known for its therapeutic properties which attracts several tourists.

Moreover, Soline offers amenities like a bunch of bars filled with delicious drinks, tobacco shops for smokers, free parking up the hill, and several restaurants to satisfy your inner food lover.


Biserujka Cave

Biserujka Cave

Though the cave is a bit small, it is lined with intricately shaped Stalagmites and Stalactites, making it a remarkable sight to see. Due to the uniqueness of the cave, it is one of the best Instgramable spots in all of Krk!

Not only does it make for an aesthetically pleasing spot, but it also serves educational purposes with replicas of animal skeletons and a 30-minute educational trail leading up to another nearby cove.



Zipline Krk Island

For ages between 4-70, Krk’s zipline is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience that you need to put in your itinerary. Unlike your typical ziplines, this is something that’s more unique because the ropes are super long, reaching up to a whopping 750m.

Once you slide your way down the line, you then go on to take a hike and proceed to go onto another zipline, making it a long adrenaline-packed adventure. They have more than 8 different lines you can explore and the crew is known to be friendly and supportive throughout the process.


Wakeboard Cable 

Wakeboard Cable Krk

A combination of multiple sports, wakeboarding involves a cable flinging the rider across the water helping them perform aerial stunts. This action-packed activity is often enjoyed by both experienced sportsmen and visitors trying it out for the first time.

Newbies are taught by friendly and professional instructors so you don’t need to worry about safety. If you’re not one for adventure, you can also sit by the water and take amazing shots of your loved ones flying across the blue waters.




Pebble-filled beach Potovosce is an infamous tourist hotspot because of the phenomenal view of the turquoise blue waters that stretches for miles and the rocky undulating mountains standing against the skyline. The road to the location is well-built so you shouldn’t have any problems traveling here.

However, make sure to rent umbrellas and sunbeds as soon as you get there as it gets busy and you might not be able to find one later in the day. You can even enjoy some mouth-watering cocktails by the seaside from the beach bar onsite.


Konoba Nono

Konoba Nono

Konoba Nono is one of the best restaurants on Krk Island with its sailor-themed branding, rustic furniture, and tinted walls. Not only is this cozy spot visually appealing, but it also offers some of the most flavorsome food you’ll find here.

Serving succulent meats, juicy seafood fresh from the Adriatic waters, and warm hearty soups, this place is a must-visit. On top of that, the waiters are friendly and the service is quick and efficient. The best part is that Konoba Nono is that it’s disability-friendly so no one will miss out on the delightful food.


Glagolitic Trail

Baška’s Glagolitic Alphabet Trail

Whether you join a group of people or you go by foot yourself, this trail is a historical landmark like no other. The trail has 34 erect pillars inscribed with Galgolitic alphabets on top. White limestone structures sprawled across the trail make it even more aesthetically pleasing.

Stand in front of one of the pillars with a backdrop of the mountains and take your vacation selfies or learn more about the extensive history of the place.


The Frankopan Castle

The Frankopan Castle

Located on Kamplin Square, the Frankopan Castle dates back to 1191 made by the noble Frankopan family that built the fortified structure. The place is well preserved with two huge looming towers that were made afterward.

Filled with Croatian history, you can go and explore the place alone or if you bring a group of fifteen or more people, you can even avail their discounted ticket prices. You can climb up the tower and witness a gorgeous view of the island.


Hotel Palace Haludovo

Hotel Palace Haludovo

An eerie abandoned hotel, Haludovo looks like it’s straight out of a zombie apocalypse movie though it was intended to be a luxury hotspot made by the renowned architect, Boris Magas. With piles of rubble and dirt sprawled across the place, it is a spooky building that you might not want to traverse alone.

The vibrant graffiti across the walls makes it a perfect shot for your vacation album. There are multiple floors for you to explore and you can even bring out your ghost-busting equipment to try to call on the spirits from the other side.

Final Thoughts

The perfect place for a getaway vacation, Krk Island offers so much more than what meets the eye. It has crisp local wine, divine food options, breathtaking landscapes, an array of historical landmarks, and extremely fun water-based activities for you to enjoy.

So, if you’re planning a mini vacation to get away from your stressful work routine, you should definitely check out the ten best things to do on Krk Island to help you get the break you deserve!

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